Top Ten COVID-Driven Changes for Your Remodeling Project

By Dan Bawden - Legal Eagle Contractors

Suggested procedures for companies to follow when remodeling homes. No-touch electronic thermometers to regularly check the temperatures of both the trades working on the job and the owners, (with their consent).Reducing frequency of having more multiple trades working onsite at once to facilitate distancing.  This slows down production on the job, but we feel it…

Create A Landscape You Can Embrace

By Mike Sperber - Nature’s Guardian Inc

We have all been staying at home more often than we’ve wanted and many of us unfortunately are having stay-cations this year to stay safe.More than likely you’ve examined every inch of your indoor and outdoor spaces to see what improvements could be made for your enjoyment. Who wouldn’t want an ideal space to embrace, to…

Is your lawn dying for water?

By Robert Boyle - RB Irrigation

What causes brown spots on lawns or turf?  Some reasons for lawn brown spots are; dull mower blades, disease, fungus, drought stress, soil compaction, insects or improper watering. To ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn, the installation and maintenance of an irrigation system is   important.  A proper watering schedule is required as too much or…

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