Girdling Roots -A Common Tree Problem

By Mike Sperber - Nature’s Guardian Inc

There are several types of trees including Maple and Oak trees that don’t disappoint when the landscape lights up with dazzling colors each fall. As we admire these majestic trees, many may have a common problem that can easily be unnoticed, girdling roots. A girdling root develops when a root begins to circle and coil…

Choosing the Right Professional for Your Project

By Stacy Argo - A-Plus Glass Services

Whenever you are planning to remodel, it is important to search for a professional remodeler with good credentials. Depending on the type of contractor you are looking for, that may mean being members of industry trade organizations, having various certifications that demonstrate their expertise and any required licenses and insurances. Take some time to find a…

Top Ten COVID-Driven Changes for Your Remodeling Project

By Dan Bawden - Legal Eagle Contractors

Suggested procedures for companies to follow when remodeling homes. No-touch electronic thermometers to regularly check the temperatures of both the trades working on the job and the owners, (with their consent). Reducing frequency of having more multiple trades working onsite at once to facilitate distancing.  This slows down production on the job, but we feel…

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