Kitchen Islands 5 Reasons they are still popular today.

By Joanne Bechhoff - G.B. Construction

The number one reason we find still true today is to open up the area and create a light and airy space. A kitchen island provides an area for friends and family to sit or stand without being in the way of a busy cook.It is a great place to sit for a quick meal.…

What is Aging?

By Moe Toofan - TBR Construction

In the next 20 years, the number of people over the age of 65 are anticipated to be double. In the next 30 years, the population of Americans ages 65-85 will swell to nearly 73 million. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), around 23 million Americans are caring for their elderly parents;…

Girdling Roots -A Common Tree Problem

By Mike Sperber - Nature’s Guardian Inc

There are several types of trees including Maple and Oak trees that don’t disappoint when the landscape lights up with dazzling colors each fall. As we admire these majestic trees, many may have a common problem that can easily be unnoticed, girdling roots. A girdling root develops when a root begins to circle and coil…

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