Make the Most of An Open Layout

Remodeled Kitchen Opens to Living Space

Getting food from the oven to the table has never been easier with open concept kitchen and dining rooms. This floor plan has gained in popularity over time and is common in many houses, new and old. Make the most of the open layout by following these design tips:

  1. Carry an accent color throughout the space. Tie the two rooms together by repeating colors. This could include rugs, placemats, vases, or artwork. The same paint color can also be used on cabinets, doors, and walls.
  • Keep flooring and trim consistent. No matter what type of flooring you prefer, use it in both the kitchen and dining area. The trim and baseboards should also be the same size and color. This will achieve a more cohesive look throughout rooms.
  • Light up key areas. Instead of installing only overhead lights, position lighting to create different zones in the kitchen and dining room. Under-cabinet lighting provides great task lighting in the kitchen, while a chandelier can create a dramatic look in the dining area.
  • Be ready to entertain. With an open concept kitchen and dining room, guests will undoubtedly gather in this hub of the home. Choose comfortable stools and chairs that will encourage friends and family to stay a while.
  • Use a rug to designate the spaces. Place your dining table on a rug to give it separation from the rest of the kitchen. Add a coordinating runner or mat for the kitchen area.
  • Plan for ways to reduce clutter. Since your kitchen and dining room are combined, appliances, dishes and other items will be on display. Dedicate enough cabinets for storage and consider a deep sink so you won’t have to see a pile of dirty dishes while you eat.
  • Bring in personal touches. A large room can often seem empty, especially the kitchen and dining area. Hang photos or artwork, add plants, and install shelves to display your mementos. The kitchen and dining room will quickly feel inviting and cozy.

The popularity of the open concept layout cannot be denied. Having one undivided space is undoubtedly the best way to entertain and spend family time. When remodeling for a more open concept, knowing how to bring your ideal design to life can be a little challenging. I hope these tips help to make your design shine!