Recognize Your Needs vs Wants When Remodeling

Kevin Vick of Vick Construction & Remodeling

Planning is an essential part of a home renovation. You will need to make many decisions before beginning your project. Some priorities will be more important than others, so creating a list that balances your wants and needs is a good place to start.

Needs are the most important factors when you are planning a renovation because they affect your homes’ safety, functionality and possibly even your health. Needs can include fixing your roof or foundation, enhancing security, or repairing water damage. For instance, if you are planning a whole-house remodel, the foundation may need to be repaired first as foundation repair usually causes finishes to move and crack. Another example would be, if you are expecting a new baby or your elderly parents need to move in, your remodeling plans may need to include repurposing or adding new living space to your home.

Everyone has a list of improvements they feel they need, but some can often times more accurately be categorized as wants. Those are important items because they enhance lifestyle. However, resist the urge to skip to the “wish list”. Focus on the problems you are trying to solve and the improvements to lifestyle you are needing to attain.

Make a comprehensive list and be prepared to identify and communicate your needs and wants to your remodeler during your initial consultation. A good remodeler will help you organize your list according to wants and needs and can prioritize items according to your budget constraints. Try to be realistic about what your new space will provide based on feasibility and budget. With your goals accurately communicated and a solid plan produced, your remodeler will be on the way to delivering a successful project for you.