The Importance of Design When Remodeling

Even for homeowners that have been through the remodeling process before, remodeling can be a complicated undertaking.  Choose the design and remodeling professionals for your project that you feel comfortable working with.  There are many details to consider and many decisions to make. Your concept may grow and change as you undergo this process. Your designer and remodeler will help you with these decisions along the way.

Some of the key decisions include:

  • Identifying the need for the project
  • Determining the basic design of the project which includes the floor plan and the style
  • Deciding on the specific layout and function of the space
  • Analyzing the nuts and bolts of the project which consists of structures, systems and finishes

Whether the remodeling company you choose has designers on staff or works with an independent design firm, the communication must be seamless. Keep in mind that your remodeler and designer will work as a team to create the space you imagine. The professional remodeler will follow the design plans and the design professional will ensure that the end product is attractive and meets all of your objectives.

Benefits to using a designer for your remodeling project include:

  • A designer can help you make decisions about options and determine what is feasible in terms of the existing structure and your overall budget
  • A design professional is familiar with the newest products and design trends.
  • Your remodeler and designer will work together to conceptualize and construct your project. This teamwork effort tends to keep the project running smoothly, helps to avoid potential problems and may even speed up the remodeling process.
  • The remodeler/designer team will keep an eye on costs, work efficiently, innovatively and help you stay on budget.
  • Your designer and remodeler will work together to help ensure your project meets your overall objectives.

Hiring a professional remodeler and designer will take the complexity out of your remodeling project. In the long term, good planning and design work will result in the most satisfactory outcome of your completed project.