Tips for a successful kitchen remodel

The time has come to finally start on that kitchen remodel. You don’t have to go into it with a mix of dread and excitement, however. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to go into a kitchen remodel confident and ready to handle anything that is thrown your way. Here are some tips:

Make the most of your space

Some people go into a remodel with grandiose ideas of expansion, totally gutting the area and redoing it from scratch — but if you’re looking to stick to a budget and keep things time-sensitive, then you may very well want to make the space you have work. Doing research on what you need to bring the area to life, how best to optimize the available space are good places to start when constructing a budget and plan.

Minimize your workload

Most people are used to running around their kitchens like the proverbial headless chicken. Your current arrangement might not have the best set up of cabinets, storage or appliances to make getting around and working within it easy. A remodel is an excellent time to go in and take a hard look at how you can make your space work for you instead of you having to work for it. Will setting up the cabinets directly to the left of the refrigerator save you time? Will using a rollout drawer for your cutting knives be more efficient? It all comes down to your individual space.

Output your outlets

A remodel is a good time to rethink how many outlets you have available as well as their locations throughout your kitchen. The wiring work involved will no doubt already come into play when you are selecting, or upgrading, new appliances like your dishwasher and refrigerator, so make the most of it by building a home for all your little electronic friends.

Feng shui your storage space

All of those fancy knives, spoons, plates and appliances are going to have to go somewhere, right? You certainly don’t want them cluttering up your brand new countertops. If you are going with new cabinets, new drawers or just new storage space in general, then keep in mind how you can arrange your space to better improve your work flow and provide more comfort and convenience for anyone using the kitchen.

Have a plan

Never go into a remodel without having a plan. Get an idea of what you want to get out of this remodel before even taking the first step, whether it is new appliances, updated colors, a better looking or more functional space, etc. The last thing you need to do is start off uncertain and then have to deal with regretting your choices later on. Give yourself extra space, time and money to work with and go in armed with a solid plan.

A successful remodel will all come down to how well you planned for it and how well your final vision comes to life. These tips should help guide you toward the glowing, modern kitchen of your dreams with better ease.