2024 Kitchen Trends: Beautifully Practical

Each year the National Association of Kitchens and Baths (NKBA) publishes its Design Trends Report.  Based on a survey of their members, including designers, showrooms, dealers, specialists, manufacturers, kitchen and bath remodelers, contractors and architects there are some trends that are emerging in 2024 and expect to be top design trends for the next three years.

Open Concept Kitchens

This trend has been around for many years. And it appears that opening up kitchens by removing walls still remains a popular choice. The current kitchen design trend is minimalistic, a space that is streamlined, easy to maintain and clutter free. These include Contemporary, Modern, Mid-Century and Scandinavian styles.


Walk-in, Butler and Built-in Pantries will provide additional desired space and better function. A walk-in pantry is a separate room for food and appliance storage and if large enough, for food prep. A built-in pantry is a full height cabinet with hinged door and sliding shelves. A butler’s pantry is a small area usually in a passageway between the main kitchen and dining room. A butler’s pantry has cabinet storage with countertop for food and drink prep and possibly a sink.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands will continue to be larger in size with space for food prep, storage, dining, and gatherings. Many homeowners are requesting two islands in the kitchen to accommodate all of those tasks.

Specialty Cabinetry

To stay on trend with minimalist design, consider cabinet features to reduce clutter. These include specialty drawers for spices, knives, utensils, charging devices and microwaves. Specialty cabinets such as pull-outs, slow(soft) close, and rotating cabinets. Don’t forget the built-in beverage/wine cooler and the Sous-Vide cooker for the serious gourmet.


Homeowners have become increasingly interested in smart controls via mobile devices or voice control, touchless faucets, integrated lighting systems technology and smart appliances.

Smart appliances are increasingly popular such as refrigerators with touch screens to add items to your shopping list or to keep track of expiration dates. Also gaining in popularity are smart ovens that include steam cooking and air frying features. Both appliances can be controlled by an app on your phone. There is a greater need for space for mobile devices, laptop charging and viewing in the kitchen.

Sustainability in the Kitchen

There is an increased focus on sustainability practices, including 100% LED lighting, separate storage for recycling, increased natural light with low-E windows and doors, EPA Energy-Star certified appliances, VOC free paints and stains and countertops made from recycled materials.

 A “must have” trend for someone may be a “no more” trend for another. Your professional remodeler and designer will advise you and help you make the choices for your kitchen remodel.