Be on the lookout for this remodeling trend

In the remodeling industry trends may come and go quite quickly.  Lately, some style trends seem to be, sticking around longer and are even gaining in popularity.  For example, homeowners are frequently requesting remodels in the Transitional design style. This style provides a timeless look with a relaxed feel and provides features such as open layouts, lots of natural light, light-colored painted wood cabinets, and neutral colors throughout.

The biggest trend of all, however, is smart home technology. Whether the overall design style is Traditional, Transitional, or Contemporary, this trend is common to all of them, and it is here to stay. 

It’s no surprise that today’s homes are getting smarter and smarter.  Advancements in technology for the home are making kitchens more efficient. Currently, many appliances can be controlled by smartphones. For instance, an app can allow you to preheat your oven before you get home, and voice-controlled modules like Alexa can read your recipes or help you put together your grocery lists.   There are even some models of refrigerators with cameras that can allow you to see what is inside them so you know what you need to buy to make dinner.  Companies are working together to create the wireless kitchen consortium which in the future, may totally eliminate the need for cords. Small, countertop appliances will be cordless and be able to be washed in a dishwasher, and as a result, your kitchen will be tidier and more efficient. 

Technology has definitely not escaped the bathroom. Showers can be smart and allow for a personal showering experience. Systems can be controlled with voice activation, smart phones and controllers.  You can set your shower to your preferred temperature and with a simple voice command you can draw your bath to a preset temperature and depth.  There are even lighted mirrors that can adjust lighting to your preference and check your calendar.

A home can benefit from a smart LED lighting system.  You can create preset lighting levels and ambiances based on the time of day or night, your mood, or to showcase your decorative details.  This versatile system saves on energy, provides safety, and boosts your home’s value.  You can even add a music system to play your favorite tracks – all of this from a mobile app.

Transitioning to a smarter home improves your control over the way your house operates with respect to safety, efficiency, accessibility, and energy savings. Some of these elements may require a significant investment, but others do not. Making small enhancements to the technology in your home while you are remodeling will help you embrace the larger changes that are coming in the future.