Bring ideas together with 3D Design

Shawn Vacek of Remodelers of Houston

For homeowners, remodeling can be an exciting adventure or confusing and overwhelming. While some homeowners may have a clear vision of what they want the result of their project to look like, others may not be able to understand how their vision will come to fruition.

Design-build companies combine project design, product selection and construction into a seamless process through a single company – the design-build remodeler. These companies offer 3D software design tools to help homeowners clearly see how their vision will look before any construction begins.  Many details and design options can be applied such as different layouts, colors, cabinet designs and materials. 3D design renders clarity and precision to the process, eliminating ideas that won’t work and zeros in on design options that will!

Accuracy in Planning

Design-build remodelers use 3D design tools to bring remodeling ideas together in one place and enable a plan with greater precision. For instance, when looking at different layouts for your kitchen, home addition or whole house renovation, you may find a more appealing solution for your project. Maybe you’ve always wanted to remove a wall when remodeling your kitchen, but when you see it in a 3D design rendering you and your remodeler might realize it doesn’t work.

Eliminate Remodeling Mistakes

When 3D design is used, the planning process is smoother, more efficient and more cost-effective because unexpected changes and mistakes are reduced. That means your project will have a better chance of staying within budget and on schedule.

When you view different design ideas, problems may appear that may not have been apparent. Since ideas can be instantly incorporated into a 3D rendering, we can all visualize how each change or idea impacts the result. Everyone will be on the same page about what needs to happen to bring your dream remodel into reality.

Improved Communication

Design-build companies and 3D design greatly improves communications between homeowners, designer and remodeler. When reviewing 3D models with your design-build team, adjusting the renderings for different design ideas, discussing potential problems and coming up with better options, you will end up will a more successful, satisfactory project.

When planning to remodel, consider the design-build approach. Look for an experienced Design-Build company to ensure a smooth and streamlined renovation process which will not only increase accuracy and save time but can result in lower costs.