Create A Landscape You Can Embrace

We have all been staying at home more often than we’ve wanted and many of us unfortunately are having stay-cations this year to stay safe.More than likely you’ve examined every inch of your indoor and outdoor spaces to see what improvements could be made for your enjoyment. Who wouldn’t want an ideal space to embrace, to escape life’s stresses and connect with nature?

It’s a good time to replace aged landscapes, those that are overgrown or less than healthy, or add flower gardens, trees and other greenery to create a more enjoyable and inviting environment. 

Garden aromas awaken the senses. Colorful flowers and plants celebrate the seasons. So why not add a gorgeous, colorful gardens to your property? If you are short on space or want to bring color onto a porch create container gardens with unique flowerpots. It’s always a good idea to consult your landscape professional and irrigation professional to make sure your plants are positioned properly and get the right amount of sun and water to thrive. 

Create your own retreat by adding privacy shrubs aka “green fences”.  Arborvitae and Boxwoods are good choices as they are green year-round. They can define a space, hide an unsightly view and help drown out noises.

If you’d like to bring calm and serenity into your space, consider a water feature like a pond or water fountain. Many fountains are solar powered and are available in many sizes and styles. Have some fun with your friends and family watching birds in a solar power fountain birdbath!

If you have a larger property and are looking for a tranquil walk among your gardens, a stone or wood path would be quite inviting.  

Stay out of the sun and in the shade. Surround your favorite tree with shade loving plants and add a bench for a cozy place to relax and escape.

Even though you might be staying home more than you might like, your outdoor space can become the perfect place for many memories. For help in creating your dream backyard contact a landscape professional like Nature’s Guardian Inc., “Protecting, Nurturing and Beautifying Nature in Southampton and surrounding areas.