Custom Cabinetry Provides More Possibilities

John Gillette, President of Craftsmanship By John, Inc.

Sometimes you have a remodeling idea that can’t be bought ready-made. Right now there are dominant remodeling trends in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry choices for homeowners.  While simple, clean, streamlined cabinetry is currently popular, homeowners may also desire unique customized cabinet styles with features that make a bold statement.  Depending on the size of your space and your desire for functionality as well as aesthetics, custom cabinetry may be the best option for you.

Custom built cabinetry gives you control over the product that is made for you.  Benefits of custom cabinetry include the ability to design with the greatest attention to detail.  Out with standard sizes and specific finishes, you can customize the style, size and shape of the cabinets as well as the details, finishes and features you need.  Custom designed and built cabinets can solve problems you may be experiencing due to lack of proper layout or space or to meet special physical needs of a family member or to allow your space to have more storage and be better organized.

Custom cabinetry is considered to be of the highest quality cabinets available.  Frame sizes, door styles and finishing options such as colors, stains, and glazes are limitless. Custom details also include unique moldings and decorative accents such as corbels and decorative legs to make the cabinets look like furniture.  Custom cabinetry and millwork is especially valuable if you have a period home that needs to be recreated or matched when renovating.

Any type of remodeling using custom cabinetry may be harder on your budget as cabinetry is a large component of many renovation budgets.   Before you decide, ask yourself the following questions:  How long do you plan to live in your house, are you renovating for a resale?  What is the size of the space you are remodeling and do you want to make the most out of every inch?  If your answers are yes, remodeling using custom cabinetry may be the option for you.

The use of custom designed and built cabinetry doesn’t need to stop in the kitchen or bathrooms.  You can customize the rest of your home with built-ins in a media room, family space or home office.  You can even have that unique piece of furniture created that you have always envisioned.  The possibilities for solutions are limitless when you set out to create your perfect space.