Design Build – One Stop Shopping

Design-Build process offers homeowners “one-stop-shopping”. A design build remodeling company provides all design, product selections and construction services for a range of residential projects. Popular types of projects include bathroom remodels, kitchen remodeling and whole house remodels.

The Design Build process combines the design, product selection and construction aspects of the project into one entity. This streamlines the whole process, the designer is involved throughout construction, and all of the tradesmen needed are brought on board well before construction begins. This helps avoid miscommunications, delays, rework and added expenses that often result when a homeowner changes their mind or architectural changes are made.

Benefits Include:

  • A single point of accountability
  • Construction team involved during design
  • Project designed to meet your budget
  • Detailed design, estimates and project management
  • Combined professional design and construction

Also known as Design-Bid-Build, this traditional type of construction means that the owner will separately contract with a designer and building contractor. There is no contractual relationship or obligation between the designer and builder, and the homeowner bears all responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the design documents.

Design-Build refers to a process in which one entity bears the sole responsibility for both the design and construction of your project. There is just one contract for services and the company that you hire will either perform all the services are in-house or will subcontract out certain specialized services to other companies.

This type of remodeling has a single point of contact, a single company for design and construction. Working with a single entity can minimize cost, time and stress and results in streamlined scheduling, and fewer change orders. A design-build remodeler has all of the capabilities needed in-house

Design-Build has become the more popular and preferred method of construction and remodeling.  With Traditional Construction, schedule and cost delays could negate the purpose of a project, and a lack of communication between design and construction could create lasting problems. Design-Build is proven to reduce these risks and produce a higher quality of work.

The Design-Build approach is an efficient and effective way to plan and construct home remodeling projects. It’s a method that can save you time, money, and headaches. Not only can it be beneficial to the homeowner, but to the remodeling team working on the project as well. Designers have more input in what they create because they have been working with the contractor from day one of the project. Likewise, the builders have time for preparation, achieving a smooth transition from one stage to the next.