Designing Your Dream

We have all heard the expression that there is no “I” in “team.” A question I often hear from homeowners is, “is it really necessary to work with a designer-remodeler team?”  The benefits of working with a team of professionals, a remodeler and designer, results in a more smoothly run, cost-effective, and beautifully finished project. It is possible to do a beautiful remodel project without a designer, but it is better to work with a designer for the reasons cited in this article.

Another question that is often asked is “do I need design drawings for my project?” Yes, every project will require, at minimum, a sketch to show a layout of the space. A basic sketch can be done by your designer or most any professional remodeler. For larger and more complex projects I like to answer the question by comparing a remodeling project to baking a cake. In much the same way you begin to create a cake with a recipe, you would need a plan to do a home improvement project. A plan, which will include a drawing and a written scope of work, will help determine the size and cost of the project as well as how the new space will function and look.

Putting together the project plan should be a collaboration between you (the homeowner), your designer, and your remodeler. Prior to beginning the design, it’s important to communicate your needs, wants and approximate budget to your remodeler and designer. Once you and your designer have finalized the design, your remodeler can write the detailed scope of work and put together the plan for the project.

In addition to the drawing and written scope of work, you will need to select the color pallet, hardware, appliances, fixtures, and finish materials to be included in your project. A professional designer does this every day and is trained to put together color pallets that are beautiful and is familiar with what materials are available in the marketplace.

Ultimately, you, as the homeowner, will need to envision your project before it is completed to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final result. Consider these things before deciding what design help you need:

  1. The size and complexity of the project – more complex projects will definitely benefit from the skills of a professional designer, while smaller projects may dictate hiring a designer to assist with just a few aspects of the design such as color selection or the best materials to use.
  2. The size of the budget – Make sure that your designer and remodeler work together and that you, your designer, and remodeler understand your budget.
  3. Whether design drawings are necessary for the remodeling permit – if so, it will be better to have a skilled designer involved who knows how to produce drawings to satisfy the permit requirements.

Overall, having a good plan for your project will help you to avoid cost and time overruns and will help ensure a more beautiful and functional project upon completion.

The goal is to create a space you will love. The right designer-remodeler team can accomplish this for you.