Garage Conversions

There are many ways to get more usable space in your home. One way is an interior reconfiguration, to make it more open with improved flow and function. A home addition or second story addition will add more usable square footage. Another option to consider is a garage conversion which can add additional usable space and or square footage for a home office, in-law suite, family room, fitness room or whatever you desire. These spaces can be above the garage (partial conversion) or on the ground level. If you are planning a full garage conversion to include the ground level, you may want to build a carport for covered parking.

A garage can be more than just a place to protect your cars from inclement weather and theft.  A well-designed garage conversion is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to add space to your home. The value of your garage conversion will depend on the type of space you create and whether the loss of parking space presents challenges in your neighborhood.

When planning a garage conversion/remodel, consult a professional remodeler to ensure that your new space complies with all local codes and regulations.  You will need a structural engineer to make sure your garage foundation is able to support the renovation. Soil testing will need to be conducted to make sure the ground is stable enough. Of course, as with any remodeling, there will be plumbing and electrical considerations which will be a good chunk of the budget if you garage is detached. Other considerations are lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling and insulation. If your renovation will include the ground floor of the garage, the floor may need to be raised above the concrete slab to insulate.

Unlock the potential of the underutilized space in your home with a garage conversion. It is a relatively simple and affordable way to add living space to your home without the need for lengthy construction, new additions, or finding a new home.