Garden Care in the Fall

Robert of RB Irrigation Article published in Dan’s Papers

Your garden isn’t necessarily over when summer ends. Fall’s cooler weather is a good time to plant trees, shrubs and evergreens as well as spring flowering bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils. It is a good time to inspect your property and take note of trees and plantings that have matured and may now have different watering requirements since they were planted.

As the seasons change, it becomes necessary to adjust your sprinkler timer to avoid over- or under-watering your landscape due to changes in temperature and weather conditions. Adjusting your irrigation controller timer will supply the proper amount of water for your lawn, flowers, trees and shrubs for what is required at this time of year.

Deeper, infrequent watering helps plants grow healthy extensive roots that stand up better to drought stress. New plantings should be watered daily or every other day. Newly planted trees and shrubs may need to be watered regularly for 2–3 years until their root systems become established. After the third year, trees and plants should be established, and can thrive with less watering. If you have an older drip irrigation system, it should be reevaluated for your plants’ changing watering needs.

Fall is also an appropriate time for seeding your lawn or laying sod. The first few weeks are critical and require more watering while the grass establishes roots.

Consider replacing your older sprinkler controller with a Smart Wi-Fi controller.

This new technology takes the guesswork out of watering adjustments. Your property’s watering schedule will be automatically set based upon real-time weather conditions. These wi-fi controllers work with smartphones and other devices. The program is app-based, allowing you or your irrigation provider to remotely control your irrigation system. It is easy to use, helps to conserve water and saves money on your water bill.

Get smart! Smart watering will make a big difference in the health of your property!