Get more space with a garage or attic remodel

Extra space, I think we all are always on the eternal quest on how to get more, specifically in our homes, whether for stretching out or for storing “stuff”.  Lately, I have been on a garage conversion, attic conversion, and garage addition rampage to help clients achieve just that, the incorporation of more or additional space into their lives.  The question is always, “Where can I get more space?”, “How much can I have?” and “How much will it cost me?”  These are a few of the most common questions we get when we visit clients looking for that extra storage or a guest bedroom or a refuge for the kids.  Sometimes the answer is right under our nose in terms of attic space that can be captured.  Whether you are looking to add or take in, there are always creative ways to get more.  Many homes have attics that are just waiting to be tapped into and many times this can be for pennies on the dollar.  From that extra bedroom, to an additional bath, attics can be a great place to grab space that has long been overlooked. 

If that doesn’t suit you, then a possible garage conversion could be the next possible place to look.  Garages are usually very easy to modify or “stack”, depending on existing conditions.  These spaces can serve as game rooms, extra bedrooms/baths, as well as great areas for media rooms.  While this type of project requires more planning both from an engineering and design standpoint, it does not typically carry issues with changes to existing lot coverage or yard areas.   

Finally, if you really want space and you’re up for going all in, a new garage, which is a blank slate for design and configuration, may be the ticket.  This type of project will afford the most space, both above and below, but also carries a higher price tag due to the extensive planning and design.  A project of this nature solves the most “space” problems as it really lets you design for you and your family’s needs.  In many cases, the structure can be extended and tied into the existing house, either on a first or second floor. 

So, if you’re in the mindset to acquire more space, there may be more than one really good option to get to it without too much interruption to your existing lifestyle.  Pre-planning can be very helpful in terms of options; map out your needs and wants, evaluate your space, and then reach out to a professional you can trust to get you there!

Shawn Vacek is a Graduate Master Builder, Certified Graduate Remodeler and Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist.