Great Tips For Upgrading Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where many people spend hours and hours of their time. If you’re in the market for a kitchen upgrade, take the opportunity to personalize your kitchen to fit your lifestyle. From cabinetry to appliances to electronics, there are countless ways to make your kitchen work for you.

The Chef

If you’re passionate about cooking, turn your kitchen into a chef’s dream. Upgrade to a gas stove, install a double-oven or build an extra-large pantry for your mixer, air fryer and other small appliances. Add a pot-filler over the stove and a sleek range hood to remove cooking smells, grease, and chemicals. For simple clean-up, go for a large sink and a pull-out or hands-free faucet.

The Host

Guests always seem to gather in the kitchen, no matter what the occasion. Become the “host with the most” by designing your kitchen to welcome guests and make them feel comfortable. An island or peninsula provides a spot for your guests to sit while you prepare food. A beverage fridge or drawer makes serving drinks a breeze, and a large buffet area is perfect for arranging appetizers, desserts, or drinks.

The Parent

Moms and dads who are busy managing sports schedules, meals, and schoolwork often utilize the kitchen as the family headquarters. Keep things organized with pantry and refrigerator bins so that kids can serve themselves (and make good choices). Mount a digital wall calendar in the kitchen to keep track of everyone’s schedules and consider adding a work area so homework can be done while dinner is cooking.

The Pet-Lover

Don’t forget about your fur babies when updating your kitchen! Cabinetry can be designed to accommodate your pets, for example, a pull-out drawer or open cabinet area for food and water bowls. Stylish hidden gates (similar to pocket doors) are helpful for when you need to contain your pet. In addition, consider easy-to-clean floor materials for the inevitable pet messes.