Kitchen Islands 5 Reasons they are still popular today.

The number one reason we find still true today is to open up the area and create a light and airy space.

  • A kitchen island provides an area for friends and family to sit or stand without being in the way of a busy cook.
  • It is a great place to sit for a quick meal.
  • Great prep space. Many of our clients get frustrated with their existing kitchens lack of prep space. An island can be deeper and easier to manage than regular counter space.
  • With today’s new reality the island is a place for multi-tasking. Work, homework, meals, snacks and meal prep…all happen in this space.

We have become more efficient and more conscious of our surroundings. And that is a good thing.

Planning is key to any successful remodel project. Don’t wing it, know your vision and understand how you plan to use the space.