Long-Distance Remodeling

Perhaps you are moving out of state, buying another home in a different state or remodeling your own home while overseas.  Long-distance remodeling occurs more often than you might think. Although it may be difficult to imagine remodeling from afar, it can be advantageous to you and your family. The right remodeling team will be able to manage your project to get it completed beautifully and on time.

Although this process can be challenging to both the homeowner and the remodeler, there are things that can be done to ensure a successful outcome. First, conduct a thorough search for a remodeler who can successfully execute the project. Ask the remodeler if he has experience managing a project with the owner being away. Check references to inquire how those past clients felt about the remodeler’s communication, project management, and problem solving skills. Upon their return did the owner find the quality of the project to be as promised by the remodeler? Your remodeler will be your local advocate who can help you through the remodeling process and represent your interests.

Make sure that there are detailed plans and that the design decisions and materials selections are made before you leave town and before your team starts the project. Coordinate with your remodeler and designer to determine how to address selections. It is best if all hardware and finish selections are made prior to your departure. However, if the remodeler and designer are adept at using modern technology, these tasks can also be handled flawlessly while you are away.

Your long-distance remodeling project can work with trust, planning, communication and technology. Establish a regular time to communicate with your remodeler and be sure to consider the time zone differences. A good remodeling team should be willing to take photos regularly to communicate the progress and any changes that may be required. It is imperative that your remodeler work with cloud based applications so that you both can easily and quickly share information such as photos, to-do-lists, schedules, and changes.

Being out of town has one big benefit – you don’t have to deal with the day-to-day issues! People may call you crazy for not being in the home you are remodeling, but with the right remodeler, it could be the most successful remodeling project you have ever done. Happy remodeling!