Maximize Space When Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Remodeling a small bathroom can be а challenge because of space limitations. To make the most out of your remodel you’ve got to make every inch count. The following are some tips to help you maximize the space when remodeling a small bathroom.


Use the Right Colors

Using light colors throughout the space helps reflect light and brightens your room to make it appear larger. We’ve found that lighter and softer neutrals do the job well to make a small bathroom look larger.


Install a Pocket Door

Pocket doors slide along their own length and disappear into an adjacent wall or compartment when opened (unlike а traditional hinged door). You will be surprised at the amount of floor space that becomes available.


Hang а Large Mirror

Mirrors are а great way to make a space look bigger. However, hanging too many mirrors will create chopped up space. We recommend hanging one large mirror in the bathroom to extend the eye, and reflect natural light.


Install а Clear Glass Shower Enclosure

It may not be obvious, but many people don’t realize how glass shower doors will stretch visual space. Think about it: your eye can travel through clear glass, but other surfaces will obstruct your line of vision, making the bathroom feel even smaller.


Select а Vanity with Open Shelving

Cabinets with drawers can make а room feel cramped. To keep items organized, consider baskets or bins placed on shelves.  The use of glass shelving is great for small display items. Consider furniture style vanities with small drawers or floating vanities which create an illusion of more space.


Consider а Wall Mount or Pedestal Ѕіnk

Wall mount sinks are а great way to expand your floor space, and create а unique aesthetic. Pedestal sinks are another way to free up space in а small bathroom.


Stowaway Storage

If you need more space, consider carving out more storage space between studs in а wall. This will create recessed storage.


Even а small bathroom renovation can be a big job. Be sure to plan ahead and speak with a Professional Remodeler who will assist you with good design choices and supply quality products.