Outdoor Plumbing Plans Are Important

Steven Kennaugh, Jack Berleth & Sons 

Outdoor plumbing is an essential part of your outdoor space transformation plans.  When determining what your outdoor entertaining needs are, think about; how often you will be entertaining and how many people you will be entertaining.   

Planning your utility needs early and properly is important to make sure you have everything needed to run the outdoor kitchen: power, lighting, plumbing, gas, etc. Since most outdoor kitchens are built on a patio you don’t have easy options for adding utilities later. That means you need to think about three things: 

What utilities will I need now and in the future? 

Where will these utilities enter my kitchen? 

Where will these utilities go under the patio or deck? 

If the scope of your project is less elaborate, you can run your grill and burners off a propane tank under the counter, which is the simplest choice.  If a grilling center is what you desire, you can arrange for a natural gas hookup which is more convenient.  A more elaborate grilling center will need a sink hookup which will require a water supply and a drain. 

Other features you may be interested in that would need to be coordinated by a plumber would be gas fire pits or fireplaces which need to have a gas lines run underground. 

There are many more outdoor features growing in popularity, such as wet bars, and garden features such as ponds, fountains and waterfalls  that may have special plumbing considerations. 

Because of the complexity of a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and other outdoor utilities that you may desire, be sure to consult a licensed plumber when you are in the early planning stages of your project. 

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