Own Your Energy-Power Your World

By Jared Porche of Generator Industries

In times like these, one of the reasons homeowners decide to purchase standby generators is for peace of mind. For those who work from home or run a business out of their home, investing in a standby generator will safeguard your income and your business from costly power outages.

The typical American household loses power once or twice a year for an average of about 3 hours, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. But some power outages, such as those caused by extreme weather, can last for days or even weeks. With the inconsistencies in weather, more homeowners are choosing a worry-free solution to home power outages. A standby whole house generator can restore power quickly and seamlessly to your entire home.

We rely on power in so many ways throughout the day. As soon as a power outage occurs, a standby backup generator automatically turns on and keeps your home’s systems operating. You’ll very quickly miss your air conditioning along with many appliances, TV’s, lighting, computers, cell phone chargers, security systems and more. At one time or another, nearly everyone has had to get out the flashlights and pack up coolers with food to prevent spoilage. With a backup generator, those hassles are gone forever.

If you or someone you love is planning to stay in their home as they age, consider the importance of standby power as you plan your remodeling projects. Power can be critical for those with special medical needs requiring devices such as medical CPAP machines, oxygen machines and even feeding machines. Those at risk of harm often consider purchasing a generator to power this critical equipment. 

Another reason that homeowners decide to install a backup generator is to protect their family’s comfort. No one we’ve ever met likes to be without power. That’s pretty universal. The piece of mind a generator provides has been described as “indescribable.” Unlike some home improvement projects, a backup generator increased the resale value of a home.

Standby generators permanently attach to a home-similar to the placement of an outside central air-conditioning unit. The generator runs on propane or natural gas and turns on automatically when power is lost. Whether you are at home or away, your property will be protected from an outage. Some standby generators, can be operated remotely from a smartphone allowing you to view real-time power status, manage your entire system and receive instant generator updates. A licensed electrician and plumber will be required for the installation. Local regulations can impact the placement and availability of service on the property. Sizing a generator correctly is extremely important. Since we never know when an outage may occur, we need to allow for any automatic loads such as a central A/C unit or large appliances like a dryer. A proper load analysis would determine the safest, most appropriate size.