Reconfigure your home space with an interior renovation

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Many of us have been faced with space issues. It may be that we need more space for a growing family, changes in family activities or even opening up our homes to include other family members for extended family living.

Although many of us think about expanding to get more room, sometimes you may feel like you have too much room. Perhaps you have one or more small rooms that aren’t being used. The seeming contradiction of too much room and not enough room may be the result of a layout that doesn’t suit your needs.

A possible solution to the dilemma of too many small, unusable rooms may be an interior renovation to reconfigure the space. Your home may have untapped potential that you may have not thought of such as excessive hallway space, odd closet configurations, undersized or oversized rooms which are poorly laid out. Often a home does not need more space – just better space, something which an interior reconfiguration can greatly improve.

By re-arranging the space, remodelers can create spaces that work well for you and your family such as a media room, home office, laundry room or master, walk-in closet.

When you are looking for more room, it’s important to not ignore an unused garage or unfinished attic. These areas can be converted into additional family space or perhaps a guest suite.

In any of the above scenarios, a home remodel or renovation may be in your not-too-distant future. If you just don’t have enough space even if you reconfigure, it may be time for a home addition. Your home addition can range from a first-floor add-on, to an entire second- or third-floor addition. Often, large additions include an expansion and remodeling of the kitchen, a master bedroom suite, or the creation of a family room or activity center. When adding a second story, bedrooms, bathrooms and a playroom for children can be moved upstairs.

Many households today are multigenerational. Parents with college graduates, newly married couples and elderly parents are living together. If your added space demand is the result of your parents or adult children coming to live with you, it will be important to consider privacy. Whenever possible, a separate entrance, kitchen and bathroom should be included in your plans.

In the case of older adults, utilizing the first floor is the best option. If that is not possible, your remodeler will be able to coordinate the installation of an elevator in the event that becomes necessary.

Whether your need is for more space or better usage of your existing space, a remodeler can help you uncover the potential in your home.

Published in the Houston Chronicle on September 2, 2018 and online on September 11, 2021