Remodel for an improved shower experience


When's the last time you thought about updating your home shower? A shower plays a critical role in daily life and doesn’t have to be a boring place where you scrub down before or after work. Your shower can be transformed into a modern spa-like experience with improved accessibility and safety.

Consider the Size of Your Shower

If you’re renovating an existing shower space and aren’t planning to expand, the size of your shower is predetermined. You may want to consider removing a bathtub. Designers use the extra space gained by removing tubs to create larger showers, improve accessibility and add more storage.

Whether you want to remodel your whole bathroom or just make a few changes, here are tips for maximizing your shower system.

Shower Heads

A new shower head can make all the difference to your shower experience. Handheld shower heads can be lifted off for rinsing, spraying down the shower walls or washing children and pets. These flexible shower heads help assist people to shower while seated.

A rain shower head provides a super-soaker experience. These oversized heads sometimes ceiling mounted, deliver a drenching shower of water that feels like standing in the pouring rain.

For a complete spa-like experience a shower system can be installed which includes valves, showerheads, hand showers, body sprays, water outlets, and volume controls.

Shower Niche

A shower niche is a storage space recessed into the wall of your shower. A custom shower niche allows for storing bath products in an easy-to-reach location.  A shower niche can be tiled to be a focal point or designed to be hidden.

Shower Bench

Many design and remodeling professionals are creating bathrooms with aging-in-place considerations in mind.  A shower bench provides a comfortable and safe place to sit for people of different ages and abilities. A shower bench can be built-in, floating or a fold down bench.

Linear Drain

Another shower feature ideal for bathroom design is a linear drain. These can have a metal or tiled grate which has made them very popular. These are occasionally necessary for popular curb less or walk-in shower designs. A linear drain is safer making it easy for folks to walk straight into a shower without obstruction. Linear drains are the ideal solution for creating ADA-compliant showers that are universally accessible, stylish and largely fall-resistant.

Slip Resistant Flooring

Slip resistance is usually top priority for homeowners of all ages.  For example, mosaic or pebble tiles on shower floors with a honed or matte finish provide good grip. There are many tile options; sizes, styles and colors to choose that are considered to be anti-slip.