Shower Door Design Trends

According to a Houzz 2023 Bathroom Trends Report, increased shower sizes are on the rise. It also noted that one in five homeowners removed a tub to gain more space. Whether you are adding a new shower in your bathroom or modernizing an old shower, you will most likely need to select an enclosure, the glass door(s) being the central element.

When you are in the planning phase of the project, you and your remodeler or shower glass professional should discuss what type of shower enclosure and glass doors will best meet your lifestyle.  The exact dimensions of your shower space will be needed, as well as how much room you have between the shower and other fixtures, and the amount of time you want to invest in daily cleanup. The following are the types of enclosures to choose from.

Frameless clear glass enclosures are the most popular choice for showers. A protective coating can be added to protect the glass from hardwater and soap scum. Frameless glass makes a space feel modern, larger and open. Clear glass allows you to showcase tilework, and beautiful hardware inside the shower. Frameless units have clips, hinges and handles which allow you to select finishes to let your style shine. Trending now are brass, gold and matte black fixtures.

Semi-frameless doors have frames along the top edge and sides.  They are good alternative because they are sturdy and less costly and come in many stylish models.

You and your shower glass professional will also need to select shower doors that meet your style preferences and work well with your bathroom layout. When choosing doors, it’s important to make sure there’s enough clearance between the fully opened door and surrounding bath fixtures before installation.

Pivot or Hinged doors swing open like a standard door from a single side on a corner or alcove walk-ins. Some models can allow the door to swing inward and outward. They are good for narrow openings.

Bypass or Sliding doors are a good solution for smaller baths with little floor space with wide openings or tub enclosures.

Next you need to choose the type of glass for your shower enclosure. Your choice of material will affect the appearance of your bathroom. You need to decide whether you prefer open sightlines through the shower walls or if you require some privacy.

Clear glass remains the most popular choice because of its modern open appeal. If it doesn’t provide enough privacy for you, there are other options.

Frosted/Opaque glass prevents light from cleanly passing through and they’re easier to maintain than clear glass. Works for privacy concerns.

Textured glass with a variety of pattern options can work well for a specific theme you may have in mind for your bath.

Acid Etched glass offer a variety of patterns and custom designs and create an open and spacious look with privacy.

Tinted glass, although clear, reduces the amount of light that passes through them available in a variety of colors.

When choosing a professional to design and install your shower doors or enclosure, it is advisable to work with a professional glass company to make sure that you are getting quality products and experienced technicians to ensure a safe installation.