Shower Enclosures Offer Many Options

The trends in bathroom remodeling have continued as homeowners take out tubs in favor of installing walk-in showers. If you are planning a bathroom remodel and would like a large shower, you will need to choose the shower enclosure and door.  When looking at options, take into consideration how it will function within the size of your space and layout. Look at the available space inside your shower to determine which enclosure and doors will work best.

There are three types of shower enclosures to choose from when planning your remodel.

Frameless- these glass doors are usually customized which adds flexibility to your design. They have hinges or a header depending on the size of the shower. These doors add a clean modern feel to your space.

Semi-frameless – this type of shower enclosure has metal around the entire structure but not around the door. The glass still is the focus and you still have a sleek contemporary look.

Framed – This enclosure and door is fully surrounded by metal framing and the glass is well secured. This choice is the most budget friendly.  There are multiple colors and frame finishes available that will positively accent a room.

Choosing a door type:

Sliding Glass – these are 2 panels that hang from a header and slide along a bottom track. These take up the least amount of space and are ideal for small showers.

Hinged/Pivot Glass doors – Hinges allow the door to swing out to open. This type of door is better for larger shower spaces. The hinges come in many finishes to match your other bathroom fixtures.

There are several options when choosing the glass for your shower.  Keep in mind, clear glass doors are suitable for dark spaces as more light can get into the shower. It also allows you to showcase your decorative tile.  If you are looking for more privacy there are options such as frosted, opaque, patterned, and textured glass which can turn your new shower into a work of art. 

No matter which type of frame, door and glass you choose, you can easily have a highly functional yet modern, aesthetic shower.  If you are planning to renovate your existing bathroom shower or starting from scratch, coordinate with your remodeler or professional shower door company.