Smart Remodeling for a Healthier Home

Did you know that a majority of Americans say having a healthy home is important to them (98 percent), and define such a space as one that has a calming atmosphere (91 percent), is energy efficient (93 percent) and is filled with natural light (92 percent) and fresh air (96 percent), according to a recent online survey among homeowners conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of VELUX® skylights.

So if you are planning to remodel a home, the addition of sunlight and fresh air should be considered as ways to improving indoor air quality for a healthier home and better well-being.

Proper ventilation is necessary to allow for air movement to control indoor humidity and greatly reduce airborne contaminants, which can be very unhealthy. High indoor humidity encourages mold growth.  Indoor airborne contaminants come from appliances that burn gas and certain chemicals used in construction such as carpets, glues, paint and particle boards.

When remodeling, adding skylights to the project plan not only improves your homes looks and energy efficiency but adds natural lighting, ventilation options and comfort. After all skylights are windows that let fresh air in after cooking and cleaning or just to enjoy the smells and sounds of the seasons removing the boundaries between inside and outside. 

This summer, VELUX®, the world leader in skylights, will be offering a new smart technology by Netatmo, VELUX®Active, where homeowners have control over their indoor climate on new or existing skylights. This home automation makes it even easier to have a healthy indoor climate. The smart sensor will automatically monitor your home’s temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. According to the local weather, the system will air out 3 times a day for a healthier home. In addition, VELUX INTEGRA® blinds will close proactively based on the local weather forecast. The skylights and blinds can be operated with a smartphone.

So if you are planning to remodel consider adding skylights to transform your home into a brighter, healthier environment by letting in more natural light and fresh air.