The Top 6 Unique Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

2018 kitchen design trends prove that kitchens are beyond just a gathering point in your home – they are the epicenter. Here are some design trends that will likely set your space apart.


Hidden Range Hoods


Many home owners prefer decorative range hoods, but some are opting to conceal their range hoods. A streamlined and modern option includes using drywall to create a box around your vent hood. You can also integrate the hood into the upper cabinets seamlessly as to make the hood disappear completely. Retractable downdrafts and flush ceiling vent hoods are other options for people who would rather not see this necessary kitchen appliance.


Open Shelving


Open shelving isn’t going anywhere! Homeowners and designers alike still love this look and trend. It visually opens up your space by not having walls full of upper cabinets and allows you to show off some of your dishware and other decorative items. It’s common to use a different material, color or finish on these upper shelves to make them stand out as a unique feature in your kitchen.


Matte Black


Brass finishes aren’t out yet, but black is definitely in. Matte black finishes offer a clean and modern appeal that many homeowners are gravitating towards. You can still pair matte black with other finishes such as brass or brushed nickel hardware and fixtures – it’s neutral and can go with almost anything. Black finishes can offer an elegant touch and will pop when paired with light cabinets, countertops or backsplashes. With so many options on the market, you won’t have a hard time finding faucets, hardware and accent lighting that comes in matte black finishes for your space.


Light Stained Wood


Light and natural stained wood in pale shades are all on trend in 2018. Gone are the days where everyone wants dark “mahogany” like stain colors. Homeowners and designers are airing on the lighter side with wood tones and finishes. These lighter tones will only brighten up your space – don’t be afraid to mix wood stain colors to add warmth and character.


Metal Finishes


From vent hoods to faucets and fixtures, metal finishes are in. You can consider copper sheeting on your vent hood to dress it up or antique finishes on your cabinet hardware to add character.  Brass, copper, rose gold and polished nickel are just a few of the most common options. These finishes can warm up your space and add unique touches of visual interest. Mixing metal finishes is also in, so you don’t have to stick with one finish throughout your kitchen.


Pet Friendly Spaces


Pet loving homeowners are considering how their kitchen designs affect their pets now more than ever. From the material selections to the space planning, pet owners are keeping their pet’s needs and comfort front and center. For example, consider tile vs wood on the floors and adding low, pull-out drawers for feeding. Custom cabinetry can be designed to accommodate feeding and water stations, beds, kennels and even gates.