Water Efficiently with a Smart Controller

Robert Boyle of RB Irrigation – Article in Dan’s Papers

When it comes to a home’s irrigation system, improved technology can help you conserve water and save money.

Now, more than ever, you can find irrigation products that use Wi-Fi technology, such as irrigation controllers, flow meters and rain/freeze sensors. This technology has app-based capability to adjust watering schedules, communicate problems and save water, giving you more data and power to control your sprinkler system.

This “smart” technology allows you to control your watering schedule from any device using Wi-Fi. It automatically adjusts your watering schedule based on weather conditions, watering only when needed. A smart controller can be tailored to your property’s  specific needs to deliver the right amount of water, preventing over- or under-watering and minimizing runoff.

Customized watering schedules can be easily set with regards to the day, frequency, start time and run time. Each zone can be customized based upon its specific watering needs. That means if you have plantings that need more water because of the too much heat, or your soil is sandy, you can easily increase the amount of water or frequency.

You can now have control of your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand, using your smartphone. This will ensure your lawn and plants are healthy and your landscape is flourishing.

Water More Efficiently with a Smart Sprinkler Controller

• Control your sprinklers from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

• Create customized schedules that water with accuracy.

• Automatically adjusts watering schedules for changing weather based on local weather conditions.

• Take the guesswork out of watering and invest in smart irrigation technology today. You will be sure to save water, money and time in caring for your landscape.