Working as a team with remodeler is a win-win

Having the knowledge and expertise of a remodeler and designer offers a unique opportunity to homeowners and creates a strong partnership.

Remodelers and builders wear a variety of hats – from project manager to designer to accountant – so they appreciate the involvement of a professional interior designer, sharing the same objectives for each project.

By making product and material selections at the beginning of the project, all parties are on the same page. When remodeling, light fixtures are sometimes the last thing to be considered. Simple lighting fixtures can be replaced by outstanding pendants within the budget. The designer is constantly in the field seeing, learning …able to offer the contractor and homeowner choices that would not be easily found. 

Smart home technology, electric, and plumbing are addressed early during the planning stages as well. This allows the remodeler the opportunity to remain focused on remodeling, versus specifying finishes and managing the design aspect of the job.

Having a designer and remodeler working on a project together brings value and efficiency to the project. Sometimes the demolition and remodeling process uncovers surprises. A designer can assist with creative solutions and avoid costly mis-steps.  Time can be saved by alleviating back orders and managing change orders, while staying on budget.

The remodeler and designer partnership offer more creative opportunities adding another level of expertise to the project. Choices of colors, tile, flooring, fabrics, plumbing fixtures as well as exterior elements are considered for each project. The designer can introduce new innovative choices to you that you may not have considered. 

An interior designer knows from experience, training, and education what is available from the latest trends to classic ideas making sure your vision, style, and tastes are incorporated and reflected in the process. With an interior designer as part of the team, the remodeler can focus on executing the scope of work for project completion while bringing your vision to reality.

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when choosing your designer/remodeler team for your next home addition, remodel or new construction. As a team, the designer and remodeler are dedicated to customer service, values, and integrity for the homeowner, creating a win-win for all!!!