7 Guidelines for Selecting the Best Remodeler for a Home Addition

Home remodeling can be a complex journey, especially if you are considering a home addition.  If you are considering a major remodel of your home or a home addition you will need construction documents, permits and an excellent remodeler. There are a number of benefits of hiring a remodeler with experience in adding home additions.

Your remodeler will provide guidance and advice through the entire process; they are professionally prepared for each requirement of the project. If you are financing, the lender will normally require you to have contracted a professional remodeling contractor as a requirement of the financing. 

Therefore, if you want to expand your home but don’t know how to proceed, here are some strategies to help you select a home remodeler.

Project details – Discuss the specifications of your remodeling ideas at length with prospective remodelers before getting the bids or offers. Explain why the changes are necessary for your home and how these changes will accommodate your needs. Also, share the estimated budget and the non-negotiable and the negotiable elements associated with your project. Select 2 or 3 remodelers to vet and invite them to bid on your project.

Prepare construction documents – Armed with your target budget and your wish list of needs, the next step is to prepare construction documents and select the products for your home addition. The documents required are architectural plans as well as structural engineering for the frame and foundation.

Formal Bid Proposal- Invite your short list of home addition contractors to visit your home with the construction documents to discuss the project. Meet with them, explain the remodeling or home addition concept clearly, and let them walk you through their approach.

Evaluate Proposals – The bid proposal should be a comprehensive, clearly explained document that is easily understood and defines the scope of work in detail. Including quantities, the procedural steps and items provided by the remodeler including insurances, 3rd party inspections and all materials, labor & equipment required to complete the job.

Vet your remodeler- Do not make any rash decisions before seeing samples of the home remodeler’s previous work and carefully checking references and reviews. Website portfolios will give you an idea of their skills and remodeling experience. Preparing thoughtful questions can help determine if the contractor is like minded.

Don’t decide on price alone – With any construction project, the cost is one of the most influential factors. However, when selecting the remodeling contractor for your project, do not choose solely by the price. The price range should be a parameter in choosing the best remodeling contractor rather than the only factor. 

Contract – Home investment decisions should always be based on facts, data, and information. A formal contract agreement should always include all of the necessary information. However, trust your gut, if you believe the remodeling contractor is not answering your questions truthfully or transparently, reevaluate your choice before signing a contract with them.

With the right remodeler, you can mitigate your financial risk, avoid being overwhelmed by the project and enjoy the process and results of a major remodeling or a home addition project.