How to Select the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home

Selecting the perfect interior paint color can seem like a daunting task at first, but it should be enjoyable, and hopefully even fun! Here are 4 things to consider when choosing the perfect paint color for your home:


  • Go with what you know


Look to your wardrobe, current furniture, inspiration photos and social media platforms as a guide to see what colors you’re attracted to. A quick scroll through your social media platforms will offer you insight into what colors, themes, patterns and textiles most resonate with you.  Use these images as a guide and inspiration to selecting new paint colors for your space.



  • Consider how you want to feel in your space


Do you want your space to make you feel uplifted? Calm? Productive? Interior paint colors can have a dramatic effect on how you feel in your spaces. Keep in mind that different paint colors will affect your mood differently. Consider oranges, reds and yellows if you want your room to feel joyful, dramatic and energizing. But go with blues, greens and neutrals if you want your space to feel restful, calm and peaceful.


  • Always sample your colors first


This may seem like a given, but ALWAYS sample your paint colors on the wall in the room you’re re-painting before you commit to a color. Viewing paint swatches in a store doesn’t compare to how the final color will appear in your home. Paint a large (at least 3’ x 3’) sample on the wall of the room you’re repainting before purchasing the final paint color.



  • Take your time


Never buy paint on the spot – take your time with this decision. Do not feel rushed to make a color selection while in a paint store or quickly on the spot. After you paint your color samples, live with them for a few days to truly determine if you’re going to be happy with your new colors. Take your time upfront, so that you don’t have to re-paint your space in the near future.

Last of all, just relax! Selecting paint colors for your home should be an enjoyable experience.  Paint is one of the least expensive improvements that you can make to your home to receive one of the biggest impacts. And always remember, it’s just paint! It’s not permanent.