Premodel before the Remodel

By Larry Abbott of Abbott Contracting

If you are considering any home improvement project, you’ll have several decisions to make before the work starts. Whether you are remodeling your whole house, or a room or two, you will need to think about removing clutter and clearing the space. Depending on the size and type of project, you may also have to decide whether to live in your home during the remodeling or not.

Here are some things to think about handling as you pave the way to remodeling:

  1. Move your furniture into another available room if possible, rent an outside storage container or an off-site self-storage unit.  Consider hiring a pro to pack and store.  Do some spring cleaning and donate or throw out things you no longer need.
  2. Prioritize any needed structural projects first. Concentrate on the exterior repairs.  If your house needs a roof, windows or siding, take care of that first or you run the risk of having your interior remodeling work damaged.
  3. Carefully consider closet space vs shower space. If you want to have a larger bathroom maybe you can give up some closet space to get that free-standing tub you’ve always wanted. On the other hand, if you want a larger closet you may be able to take space from your bathroom, or perhaps a bedroom.
  4. Plan for aging in place if you plan to stay in this home. Some suggestions include: widening doorways, installing curb less showers, blocking in new shower walls for future grab bars, replacing faucet handles with levers which are easier to turn, higher height toilets and installation of different countertop heights (higher for less bending, lower for wheelchair access).
  5. Think about whether you plan to stay or will be moving soon.  If a resale is in your not too distant future, keep things nice but basic.  Use neutral colors and materials that you will enjoy but won’t be too wild for a potential buyer. However, don’t worry so much about resale and getting every dime back. The purpose of life in your home is to enjoy it!

Now you and your remodeler are ready to get down to the business of creating your dream home!