Why Customer Service is Key to a Successful Home Improvement Project

Remodeling your home can be a major investment. As a customer you should expect top-quality service from the remodeler you choose for your home improvement projects. A professional remodeler should realize the importance of providing good customer service throughout the project.  Look for a professional who is dedicated to quality and excellence as well as going above and beyond your expectations.


The initial meeting with your remodeler is a very important first step. It is the beginning of a relationship.  It is a time for your remodeler to listen and understand your needs and wants. Specifics such as budget and timeline should be addressed.  As a potential client, you should get a feeling of confidence with respect to the company’s history, the remodeler’s experience and skills required to meet your expectations. Look for honesty; someone who will work with you and not try to talk you out of something but, rather take the time to explain additional options and solutions.


This is also the time to find out about the company’s work, staff and procedures. How do you prefer your questions to be answered, by phone, email or texts? It is important your contractor is willing to communicate the way you prefer.  Is there staff in the office during business hours who can help with additional communications?


Another important consideration is communication with respect to the project schedule. Most projects will have schedule changes at some point due to unforeseen circumstances.  Find out how changes in the schedule will be handled and communicated to you.


Discuss how site supervision will be handled with the work crew and subcontractors. Does the remodeler often use the same subs? If so, it is a plus, as the subs will become a team on your project and be familiar with the contractor’s operations including communications, arrival and clean up procedures.  Ensure that your remodeler’s subcontractors have insurance and the required licenses.


Your remodeler should be able to provide you with references which I recommend you contact to get specific feedback.  Be sure to check the remodeler’s website to look at photos in their portfolio as well as read reviews from past clients.  


Making sure that your remodeler understands your expectations and having a clear understanding of their procedures is vital to the success of your project.