Have You looked at your ceilings lately?

By Joanne Bechhoff - G.B. Construction

The ceiling is too often over looked in the design process pro oversimplified. There are so many ways to create an amazing ceiling that can be the focal point of the room. Four ways to create an amazing ceiling: High Ceilings – High ceilings in and of themselves are a wonderful way to make a…

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Follow the order of these steps when remodeling a kitchen

By Dan Bawden - Legal Eagle Contractors

One of the easiest ways to boost the value of any home is a kitchen remodel. But what exactly does that entail and what should one expect to see happen? If you intend to DIY aspects of the remodel then understanding the process takes on additional importance. Even when going solo, you still need to…

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Shower Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond

By Stacy Argo - A-Plus Glass Services

Whether you are adding a new shower in your bathroom or updating an old shower, walk-in showers with glass doors are still very popular. When you are planning the project you and your shower glass professional need to discuss what type of shower enclosure and glass doors will best meet your lifestyle.  The exact dimensions…

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Upgrading your HVAC for Purer Air

By Earl Correll - On Point Custom Homes

Now more than ever, we are all hyper aware of all things health and wellness. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a heightened awareness of and desire to remain as healthy and clean as possible, both inside and out. While it can be difficult to control what you are coming into contact with out…

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Home Bar Design

By Stephanie Vaughn - Eklektik Interiors

When remodeling, more homeowners are wanting to incorporate a bar area into their home.  With the trend of entertaining at home becoming more commonplace, along with the recent “stay at home” mandates around the globe, specialty spaces in the home set aside for entertaining have been utilized more than ever.  Whether that is a wine…

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Find your inspiration when choosing paint color

By Sandra Crook - Greymark Construction

Are you thinking about painting a room in your home? It can be daunting, especially if you are painting the entire inside of your home. There are so many versions of white and gray and these colors tend to be overused.  Color is a great way to change an interior room without changing the footprint.…

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Will Coronavirus change the way we live in our homes?

By Denise Johnson - JDALT Designs

As a home designer in Houston Texas, I have been asking myself this question quite a lot, and I have decided the answer is yes.  Maybe this will be a good thing. Normally, our front porch is not used often except for greeting guests and to collect our mail. Here’s an idea, why not move our…

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Finding Someone Qualified to Work in Your Home

By Larry Abbott - Abbott Contracting

Finding help with small remodeling jobs or repairs can be challenging. Who do you call- a remodeler or handyman? Many people believe that if the job is too small, a remodeling contractor may not be interested and call a handyman instead. Keep in mind that all handymen are not created equal. Every handyman may not…

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Time for a Dedicated Home Office

By John Gillette - Craftsmanship By John, Inc.

At this difficult time, working from home seems to be the current reality, and likely a necessity going forward.  Many of us weren’t prepared for this need and must make do with using space in their home that may be less than desirable, especially if you have more than one person working from home and…

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Remodeling Needs Change Based on Recent Experiences

By Rob Hellyer

With all the uncertainly that the COVID-19 pandemic has created, one of the most common questions I hear is, ‘Is now a good time for me to remodel my home?’” While multitudes of Houstonians stayed home during March, April and May, it became apparent to many that improvement projects were needed on their homes. Many…

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